To reschedule your appointment, this is done by you online. All you need to do is log in to your account and click on ‘reschedule’ (not cancel).

STEP 1 Select the studio where your appointment is booked 


STEP 2 Click on Log in

STEP 3 Click on My Appointments (top left corner)

STEP 4 Select the Reschedule or Cancel option

FYI - If “cancelled" within 3 hours of our cancellation policy, your account will be credited for the deposit paid. This credit will be applied as payment towards future appointments in studio only.  This means, if you cancel, and then wish to rebook at a later date you can. You will always be asked to pay for your deposit. Don’t worry though, this just means that our system will recognise that you have in fact made 2 x payments of $24.50, meaning you have paid in full ($49) and therefore you will not have to pay anything further in the studio after your tan.

In this case, please ensure you select ‘reschedule’ so it's an easy transfer over to your new time and date.

If you require further assistance with this please do email is at