Tanning Tips

Weekly tanning checklist

Wednesday Prep Day!

- Reverse. You've got to start with clean, fresh skin. Say bye to tan remnants with our reverser. Simply smooth onto skin, leave for 5 minutes then wipe any tan away.

- Exfoliate. Gently scrub any extra stubborn areas of tan (elbows and knees, we're looking at you).

- Remove Unwanted Hair. Removing any unwanted hair at least a day before your tan will give your pores time to close. This minimises any risk of tan getting trapped and appearing dotty on your skin.

- Moisturise. Dry skin equals patchy tan. Moisturise for a few days before you tan, for an extra radiant and natural tan that wears evenly across your bod.

Friday Apply Day

- Clean Your Application Glove. Hand wash your mitt with a touch of gentle soap and warm water. Gently wring it out, reshape it and allow to dry before tanning.

- Wear Your Boyfriend Tee. Make sure you're wearing something dark, loose and comfortable - perfect for hanging out in.

- Moisturise Extra Dry Spots. If you're prone to excessively dry skin, an hour or so before you tan, pop some moisturiser on your knees, elbows, ankles and hands. These are the trickiest spots to bronze smoothly, so moisturiser will help stop the tan grabbing in any dry patches. If not, you can skip this step!

- Watch Out For Water. While your tan develops, try to avoid any streaks by steering clear of splashes of water (or rain) until you shower.

Make it last Monday

- Hydrate. Moisturised skin means a long-lasting tan.

- Cheat With Gradual Tan. It's a nourishing moisturiser with just a hint of our signature Spray Aus bronze to keep you glowing for up to 2 weeks. Don't forget our Tan Mist for face tan top ups.

- Cooler Showers. Super hot showers have a tendency to dry out your skin. Sweating may also make your tan fade a bit faster.

How do I prepare for my tan?

First Reverse. You've got to start with clean, fresh skin. So if your last spray tan is still on say bye to tan remnants of your old tan with our Tan Reverser. Simply smooth onto skin, leave for 5 minutes then exfoliate any tan away. Use the tan reverser at least 2 days before your next tan.

Exfoliate. For at least three days leading up to your tan use an Exfoliating Mitt to remove any dry skin, paying extra attention to areas of the body that get particularly dry, elbows and knees we're looking at you.  

Remove Unwanted Hair. Removing any unwanted hair at least a day before your tan will give your pores time to close. This minimises any risk of tan getting trapped and appearing dotty on your skin. If you are waxing, this needs to be done at least 2 days before to give your skin time to heal. Waxing can cause mirco-tears in the skin which will affect your tan. 

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise! Dry skin equals patchy tan. For a radiant and natural tan that wears away evenly, in the days leading up to your tan and after you have exfoliated, make sure you moisturise your whole body. Again, paying extra attention to dryer areas such as elbows, knees, hands and feet. 

Clean and ready. On the day of your tan please ensure your skin is completely free of all products including moisturiser, deodorant, makeup and perfume. These products have ingredients that will react with the tan and turn it GREEN. Deodorant is often the main culprit, as this product is designed to resist moisture. A quick rise under the shower may not cut it, make sure you thoroughly scrub your underarms and use soap or shower gel to make sure it is off, then rinse.

Spray tan fashion. After your tan, make sure you wear loose dark clothing and slip on shoes such as sandals or thongs. Wearing tight fitted clothes or a bra after your tan will cause rub marks and affect the tan in these areas. We recommend our Spray Aus Boyfriend Tee as the perfect post tan attire.

 * If it is raining on the day of your tan don’t stress, no need to last minute re-schedule. Just wear loose dark clothing that covers you up such as a tracksuit and hoodie or long sleeved t-shirt, and go for ugg boot or moccasin style closed slippers. This paired with an umbrella, and your tan will be perfectly protected.

Post Tan Care

Ok so you have had your tan in studio, here is a reminder about what to do next. 

Once the development time as quoted by your tanner, has elapsed, jump under the shower to rinse off the bronzer. Make sure your shower is not overly hot, as hot water will dry out your skin and can affect your tan. Also very hot water can strip the colour and lead to streaks.

Be sure to thoroughly remove all the bronzer from your skin and ensure the water is running clear. Soft circular motions with your palms over the body can help to remove any stubborn bronzer, particularly from the legs. Please remember to rinse your whole body, this includes your legs and under the arms! Not removing all the bronzer can cause the tan to over develop in these areas leading to an uneven tan.

If your tan looks like it has streaks once you get out of the shower, jump back into the shower for an extra minute to ensure the bronzer is completely rinsed off.

After your first shower dry yourself gently and avoid using other products on your skin until after the second shower. If your skin is particularly dry, you may want to use a fragrance and alcohol free moisturiser after the first shower.

Moisturise! To maintain your bronze perfection for as long as possible, keep your skin moisturised everyday to make sure your tan wears away evenly over time. We always recommend to use a fragrance and alcohol free moisturiser. If you want to extend the life of your tan even further, we recommend the Spray Aus Tan Extender.

My event is on Saturday, when should I tan?

We suggest tanning 1-2 days before your event, so Thursday or Friday would be best. For weddings, 2 days before will give you a more natural look. Heading off on holiday? The night before is best. However, this is just a rough guideline, and we can always tailor our tan application to work with your schedule.

When should I shower after my tan?

As our solution is rapid drying, you can shower as soon as 1.5 hours after your tan, or leave on the skin for up to 8 hours. We always tailor our application to work with your plans, to ensure you achieve your desired colour.

I just showered and my entire tan has washed off! What do I do?

Don’t worry, what you have rinsed off in the shower is the bronzer not the tan itself. Your tan will continue to develop for 12 hours after application, so give your tan this time to develop so you can see the final result.

Will my tan come off on my clothes?

As bronzer is used in our product for colour to appear instantaneously, you may experience some rub off. If your clothes do stain, no stress, it should come out in the wash or at the dry cleaner.

After tanning, will I still need to wear sunscreen?

Yes! You’ll have to SPF off those harmful UV rays, as natural tanning doesn’t offer any sun protection. Be sun-smart when you’re out and about, and try to wear a moisturising sunscreen lotion wherever possible.

I'm pregnant or breastfeeding. Can I get a tan?

Testing indicates that the DHA does not penetrate the skin, nor enter the bloodstream, therefore it appears safe to spray you. However, as a precaution, we suggest you seek permission from a doctor, prior to being sprayed in the first trimester.

Does the tan smell?

No. Both our Professional and Self-tan products are fragrance free. We prefer to infuse our products with intense hydration and nourishment, from the combination of rich-fruits, plants, oils and extracts; infused with Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Kakadu Plum.

What should I wear immediately after my tan?

We recommend wearing our Boyfriend Tee post tan. Alternatively loose loose dark clothing is preferred.

Will swimming in chlorinated / seawater affect my tan?

Unfortunately, yes! As swimming enhances exfoliation, and chlorinated water makes the skin lighter, it may cause your tan to fade more quickly than normal. Avoid the fade by taking shorter dips and always using a water-resistant sunscreen, which can act as a barrier between your beautiful bronze and the water.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

You can wear your bathers, underwear, g-string or go completely naked – whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

How long does it take to dry?

Within three minutes, you’re tanned, dry, and ready to get dressed!

Can you apply tan to the face?

Yes, we can at your request!

How long will my tan last?

You should expect your tan to stay beautiful for 7-10 days. It’ll fade away gradually with the passing of skin cells. To prolong your tan, we recommend using our Tan Extender which can boost your bronze for up to 2 weeks, while soothing and deeply nourishing your skin.

I have a skin condition, can I still get a tan?

You should always speak with a doctor or a dermatologist before being tanned. If given approval, we’ll test a small area of your skin first, to make sure there aren’t any adverse reactions. As our solution is all-natural, it doesn’t normally irritate the skin. Our combination of rich natural fruits, plants, oils and extracts, soothe, strengthen and promote healthy skin.

Common skin conditions are – Eczema, Rosacea, Vitiligo, Psoriasis.

Uh-oh I had dry skin and my tan is darker on my knees/hands/feet! What do I do?

Don’t stress, if you had dry skin when you got your tan the solution tends to grab more to those areas, sometimes leading to a darker result. Lightly exfoliate the affected area under the shower and then moisturise this should help to even out the tan.

 If you have any questions in regards to your tan you can contact us at contact@sprayaus.com.au

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