Mobile Booking

Our tan, your space, zero hassle. 

We are here to bring our professional bronze to you, at home with our Mobile Tanning Service. It’s easy and it’s private. No complications, just a glow in your home. 

Whether you're the multitasking mother who can't step out, the bride unwinding with champagne and her bridesmaids, or simply someone steering clear of the salon hassle tonight, we've got you covered.

Booking Request Form

Mobile rate - $150*

*Price includes 2 full body tans. Price does not reduce if only 1 tan is required.
Discounts apply for group bookings. See full price-list here

Simply fill in your details below for a cost estimate.

*We charge additional travel if address is outside our radius.
Your booking is not confirmed until the Spray Aus team have been in contact with you.