A bride deserves to look her natural best with a spray tan on her wedding day.

The bridal guide to the best wedding spray tan

The perfect spray tan for your wedding is one of the things brides often panic about the most. All it takes is one horror story about an oompa-loompa bride to start thinking pale and interesting is the look you want after all. But when it comes to wedding tans, you’re in safe hands with us. It’s a privilege to be part of someone’s special day but it’s a privilege we’ve earned after years of perfecting the perfect natural bronze.

Should I get a spray tan for my wedding?

Obviously, this totally depends on your personal preference! But if you’re worried about looking unnatural, you needn’t. With a bit of prep from you and careful, considered application of our signature spray tan formula by us, we’ll have you looking exactly as you always dreamed. But don’t just take our word for it - try Jess.

"Spray Aus absolutely nailed my wedding tan – it was super natural and gave me the perfect wedding day glow. Despite our wedding day being very wet and humid, my tan was not one bit affected and looked flawless. There’s no one else I would have trusted with my tan for my big day." 

A bride with natural spray tan on her wedding day

Jess on her wedding day

What makes Spray Aus the best tan for brides?

Whether you want a two-weeks-on-the-beach or a barely-there bronze, our buildable, streak-free Spray Aus self tanner was made for natural wedding day tans. Why so natural? Organic, natural, nourishing ingredients of course. Carefully crafted plants, fruits, oils and extracts (like Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Kakadu Plum) leave your skin intensely hydrated for a healthy tan. It’s your big day and we won’t have you walking down that aisle looking any less than heaven.

When should I spray tan before my wedding?

Before we get to your wedding day, we’d really recommend a trial tan. When lots of brides want a tan for their hen’s day anyway, it’s a great time to test how our bronze works with your skin. We’ll chat through the look you want to get the perfect colour for your skintone and dress. Whether it’s a barely-there glow or a deeper bronze, a trial gives you complete confidence that your tan for the big day will look exactly how you want it to.

OK, trial done. My wedding is on Saturday, when’s the best time to get spray tan?

We suggest tanning two days before the big day to give you the most natural tan. So, if your wedding is on Saturday, come and see us on Thursday!

How should I prepare for my wedding spray tan?

  • Stay out of the sun leading up to your tan. We can’t tell you how important this is! Unfortunately spray tanning on sunburnt or peeling skin just doesn’t work. Your poor damaged skin wants to peel off and refresh, leaving you with patchy colour. Lather on the SPF and leave the bronze up to the experts.
  • Get exfoliating, girl! Three days before your appointment is usually a good time to start. Then, exfoliate gently again on the night before or morning of your tan and remove any unwanted hair.
  • For the smoothest, most luminous bronze, your skin should be free from makeup, moisturiser, deodorant and perfume on the day of your spray.

Will my tan last for my honeymoon?

Your tan should stay beautiful for 7-10 days. It’ll fade away gradually with the renewal of your skin cells. To prolong your tan, we recommend using our Tan Extender which can boost your bronze for up to two weeks. A moisturiser will also deeply nourish your skin to keep your bronze looking even.

Does swimming in chlorinated water or the ocean affect my spray tan?

Unfortunately, yes! Please do NOT go swimming after your tan and before your big day! As swimming enhances exfoliation, and chlorinated water makes the skin lighter, it may cause your tan to fade more quickly than normal. On your honeymoon, avoid the fade by taking shorter dips and always using a water-resistant sunscreen, which can act as a barrier between your beautiful bronze and the water.
Bride in white dress with natural spray tan

Bridal spray tan tips

Can you tan my bridal party?

Sure can. We find this is really popular to the bride tribe a consistent, natural colour. Plus, it’s more fun that way! Our mobile booking service can come to you too, so why not gather the girls around and make it into a pamper party?

Oh no! It's saying you're booked out!

Do not stress! Just shoot us an email at contact@sprayaus.com.au and we’ll do everything we can to find a time for your big day.  

Will my tan come off on my dress?

You might experience very slight rub off as our tan has some instant bronzer in the formula. If your wedding dress does stain, please don’t worry as it will most likely come out with a professional dry clean.  

Will my skin smell on my wedding day?

Definitely not! Our tanning formula is fragrance-free. We prefer to infuse our products with intensely nourishing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Kakadu Plum.
Natural bronze spray tanned skin looks just as natural as this bride's bouquet on her wedding day.


Do I have to take my clothes off?

Absolutely not! You can wear your bathers, underwear, g-string or go completely naked – whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

How long does the tan take to dry?

Just three minutes later you’re tanned, dry, and ready to get dressed to party with your bride tribe.

Can you tan my face?

Yes, we can at your request! If you are using a makeup artists for your wedding, it can be helpful to ask them if they have a preference of you having your face sprayed or not.

What should I wear immediately after my tan?

Loose, dark clothes are best. We made our comfiest ever Boyfriend Tee with this in mind!

When should I shower after my tan?

Our formula is rapid drying so you can shower as soon as 1.5 hours after your tan. Depending how much colour you want to develop, it can also be left on your skin for up to 8 hours. We always tailor our application so you achieve your exact desired colour. Have a chat with the girls when you come in for your trial.

How can I book my Bridal Trial Tan?

We’d love to welcome you to any of our studios (Brighton, South Yarra, Richmond, Moonee Ponds) or we can come to you in the privacy of your own home.
For all STUDIO bookings click here.
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