The Tale of Two Tans

The Tale of Two Tans

So, you’re wanting a year-round glow? Well, you’ve come to the right place! But there’s one last decision that’s standing in your way of getting your best bronze and that is… Deep Dark or Natural?
We’re giving you the low-down on our two formulas so you know which one will suit you best:

Pictured - @sophiecachia_ & @maddiegarrick


The OG! The one that started it all! How the Spray Aus dream began! 
Natural & Nourishing by name and Natural & Nourishing by nature; this beautifully gentle formula is perfect for when you want a glow that is subtle yet sophisticated. It was important we created a formula that felt as good on the skin as it looked off it so our bronze is perfectly infused with pure plant and fruit oils, including Australian Native Kakadu Plum, Certified Organic Coconut, Certified Organic Aloe Vera and Natural Vitamin E; all of which intensely hydrate and soothe. 
But what about the colour? We’re glad you asked!
Our Natural & Nourishing tan will give you a light glow in as little as 2 hours. Then of course, the longer you leave the tan on, the richer the bronze will go so if you’re after more of a statement over subtly? Then we suggest sleeping in your tan overnight.
But overall, if your skin is on the fairer side of things then our Natural & Nourishing is perfect for those guys and gals who want some added colour sans sun (and damage!).
It’s the perfect tan to use any day of the week and will give you a boost of colour that will ensure you put your best (bronzed) foot forward at work, at a party, or even just at home (because COVID!). 



Once again, it’s all in the name (we like to make things easy like that!) So when you’re wanting that ‘just been in Mykonos look’ in as little as 1 hour? Then our luxuriously rich Deep Dark Express mousse has your name on it. 
It’s the perfect tan for when that last-minute dinner or event pops up and you’re caught looking Casper-esque unexpectedly. Similar to our Natural & Nourishing, our Deep Dark Express is jam-packed with pure plant and fruit oils because no matter which colour you choose, it’s important your skin always feels silky and soft. 
With a DHA level of 14 (what makes the colour lusciously bronze), our Deep and Dark Express is perfect if your skin has olive undertones. It will effortlessly lift your already bronzed complexion and give you a consistently beautiful colour from your head to your toes.

Watch as the always glowing Sophie Cachia and her girlfriend, Mads show us the two Spray Aus formulas in all their glory.

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