5 things that inspired The Dark Side launch

5 things that inspired The Dark Side launch

ICYMI we just launched our darkest ever tan and we couldn’t be more excited (or bronzed!) We’ve been working on Deep Dark Express for a while. Here’s the inspiration that helped us shape it into something special.

Spray Aus Dark Self Tan Launch Event


We’ve always thought life was better with colour. Back way back when, it was all about lounging on the beach for as long as possible to get that deepest hue of bronze. Obviously harmful, aging UV rays are a huge no for us now. Instead we’ve translated that ‘just one more minute’ thought into the richest tan colour we could imagine. Deep dark encapsulates that insatiable attitude. On launch night, we went for ‘more is more’ dark romantic glamour. If you’re a deep dark kind of girl, you’ll never share your dessert either, so our Cake n Co desserts were a must have.











We’re forever inspired by the women and men who use Spray Aus. We listen and we adapt because, essentially, all we want to make is a tan that works for you. Deep dark had to be express. Our bolder colour develops in less time, giving you more time in your day to kick ass.

Spray Aus's long table dinner for the launch of dark self tan 


Deep Dark might have more bronze, but (as always) it’s made from our signature natural ingredients. Extra deep bronze is balanced with extra hydration from aloe vera and coconut oil. Added native kakadu plum is rich in antioxidants to fight off pollution as well. Nature inspired our launch event too. We served the freshest seafood with a menu designed by The Atlantic’s head chef, Nick Mahlook. Cocktails adorned with native flowers were created by nectar + stone and admired by all.


Everything about Deep Dark was a little different (except our signature natural ingredients). Black, matte packaging is a sleek, slick look we’ve never tried before. Our campaign shoot with Bec was even more experimental, moody and industrial. We left nothing to chance with our event either. The Substation in Newport balanced the dark romantic mood with industrial realness. Styling by Creating Beautiful made the whole experience drip with glamour. Luxurious textures, beautiful black blooms and Italian crystalware made up the setting. The last incredible detail were the black chandeliers of our dreams.


Spray Aus has been built on the strength of female friendship. We’re strong, ambitious women who inspire each other. We’re stronger and bolder together. We give each other confidence to go for what we want.

Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts. If that means a fierce, bold tan, then Deep Dark is what you’re after. We’ve made this deep, new shade of bronze with you in mind.

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