Skin prep like the professionals with these tan-extending tips

Skin prep like the professionals with these tan-extending tips

Want to know a little secret?
Tanning is only half the job. If you want a bronze that outlasts your weekend, it all comes down to how you prep your skin beforehand.
Seriously, it make a huge difference. So before you think you can get away with not removing all stubborn tan before applying a new layer, we're here to tell you just how important it is to prep your skin correctly to ensure your tan goes the extra mile. 



You'd never put clean clothes over dirty ones, so the same goes for applying a new tan over old bronze. This step is key to ensuring your new tan glides onto your skin evenly and produces an all-over golden glow. Now. we're not saying you have to sit in the shower for days hoping your old colour washes off quicker, but we do recommend using our Tan Reverser to speed up the process. Our quiet achiever melts away old bronze thanks to the soothing blend of active and exfoliates including coconut water & oil, aloe vera and Kakadu plum, which help to gently reverse sunless tan. Simply pump a generous amount of Tan Reverser onto your palm and apply it to dry skin. Leave on for 5+ minutes, then remove excess with a wet face cloth. For more stubborn areas use in combination with our Exfoliating Mitt and rinse with warm water. We suggest you wait 24-48 hours before reapplying your next Spray Aus tan.


Exfoliating goes with tanning like avocado goes with toast. Repeat after us; this step is non-negotiable. Once you've removed your old tan with our Tan Reverser, we recommend gently going over your skin with our soft Exfoliating Mitt to remove the dead skin cells so your skin is fresh, primed and ready to absorb the new tan. A professional tip is to dampen the mitt and scrub the skin in firm, circular motions, increasing pressure gradually. This not only aids with cleaning the skin but also boosts circulation. Our mitt also has two sides, the scrub side to exfoliate and the prime side to gently buff for a smooth skin canvas.


We're guilty of perhaps not moisturising as much as we should, but honestly, this makes a world of difference when it comes to prolonging your bronze before and after application. Once you have exfoliated, your skin will be screaming for a lathering of moisturiser to soothe rough patches and soften your skin. We recommend moisturising every day for at least a week in the lead up to applying your fresh bronze to ensure your skin is extra supple and hydrated. Then 2-3 hours before you're ready to tan, moisturise the areas on your body that are prone to extra dryness such as elbows, knees, ankles, feet and hands; this will stop colour build-up (because ain't nobody got time for that!).


Okay, we don't want to sound like your mum, but don't forget to drink water! Not only does water carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells, flush bacteria from your bladder, aid digestion, normalise blood pressure and protect your organs and tissues but it makes your skin utterly glow from the inside out, and when your skin is glowing even before a tan? You better believe it is going to look ridiculously radiant after. In case you didn't realise just how important moisturising is to ensure a long-lasting tan, we're going to mention it again so you don't forget! Lather your skin morning and night before and after your tan (so basically every day!) and we promise your bronze (and your skin) will thank you for it!


Once you've completed the above steps, your skin is ready to go! As you can tell, it's all about having the right tools when it comes to ensuring your tan lasts longer, so always use our Application Glove to smoothly apply the bronze over your perfectly prepped skin. Watch as your bronze glides over your body with the mitt which means no streaks, no fuss and more importantly? Clean hands! Move the reusable glove in circular motions as you put the colour on in sections and then once done, leave to dry for a few minutes before throwing on our comfy AF loose fitting Boyfriend Tee to let the formula develop to your desired colour. Our Spray Aus bronze is designed to last up to 14 days (especially if your skin has been perfectly primed), but for a longer boost, we suggest you use our Tan Extender as your post-colour moisturiser.
Happy tanning ladies and gents!
Spray Aus x


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