Nailing That Bridal Glow: 3 Easy-Peasy Tips for Spray Tanning

Nailing That Bridal Glow: 3 Easy-Peasy Tips for Spray Tanning

So, your big day is around the corner, and you want that bridal glow to be on point without the risk of sunburn? Enter Spray Aus Professional Tanning! It's like a sunshine shortcut without the UV drama. But to make sure you're rocking that perfect tan on your wedding day, let's dive into three tips you can’t miss for spray tanning.

1. Give It a Test Drive:
Before committing to the perfect spray tan, it's all about the trial run. Schedule it well before the big day and try out different solutions. Let your spray tan guru know your vibe and what you're going for. This Bridal Trial Tan is like a sneak peek, helping you find the ideal color that matches your skin tone. Plus, it gives you a chance to chat with your spray tan artist and work through any preferences you've got.
Pay attention during the trial – how's the colour developing? Does it match your overall bridal look? This practice round ensures your spray tan is flawless and exactly what you dreamed of when you walk down the aisle.

Prep Like You Mean It:
Getting that A+ spray tan isn't just about showing up; it's all in the prep. Start by exfoliating a day or two before your spray tan session – scrub away those dead skin cells for a smooth canvas. No one likes a patchy tan!
On spray tan day, skip the lotions, oils, or moisturisers – they're the villains that mess with your tan. And if you're planning to wax or shave, do it at least 24 hours ahead to avoid any post-treatment irritation.
Rock some loose, dark clothing for your spray tan day – nothing tight to rub off that golden goodness. Dark undies or disposable undies we’ll give you at the studio are optional, or go commando to dodge tan lines.

3. Timing is the Name of the Game:
Timing is everything when it comes to spray tanning success. Book your spray tan session 1-3 days before your wedding – it needs time to work its magic, and you want to wash off any extra solution to keep your dress stain-free.
Steer clear of piling up beauty treatments on the same day – your spray tan deserves its own spotlight. And make sure it comes after your dress fittings – you want the tan to complement your final bridal look, not the other way around.

With these three tips for spray tanning, you'll be rocking that radiant, sun-kissed glow on your wedding day. Don't forget the trial run, nail the prep game, and time your spray tan just right. When you follow these tips, you're set to shine with a flawless tan, adding that extra touch of glow to your special day. You’ve got this, bride-to-be!
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