Spray tanning when pregnant: everything you need to know.

Spray tanning when pregnant: everything you need to know.

Getting a spray tan when pregnant can be such a treat. If you’re feeling exhausted or a bit lacklustre from growing another human (an impressive effort if you ask us), sometimes a tan is exactly what you need. Naturally, sunbaking and sunbeds with harmful UV and UVB rays are off the table. Instead, fake tan when pregnant might be the perfect thing to take you from sigh to oh-my in just an instant.
As a mum-to-be, it’s only right to be cautious about the dos and don’ts during your pregnancy. We get asked if spray tanning is safe while pregnant all the time, so we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of everything we know.

Nadia Bartel's pregnancy fake tan secret weapon 


The active bronzing ingredient in our Spray Aus formula is dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This non-toxic chemical reacts with the outermost layer of your skin to give it that gorgeous tan you know and love. Testing indicates it doesn’t penetrate other layers of your skin or enter your bloodstream, therefore it appears safe for you to use our at home self tan or self tanning lotion when pregnant.
We recommend anyone with sensitive skin should do a patch test at home 24 hours before using our fake tan and this is even more important when pregnant. Skin can become more sensitive during pregnancy due to an increase in hormones. If any irritation occurs it’ll be a good indication that our self tan might not be for you at this time.

Unlike tanning pills or injections, our Spray Aus formula doesn’t contain colour additives like carotenoids or melanotan. These have the added danger of often not being tested for safety or quality. Instead, we infuse our tan formula with natural and organic plant and fruit oils like Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Kakadu Plum for a more healthy-looking bronze.
There’s no evidence to suggest that using at home fake tan when pregnant isn’t safe, but always do a patch test to make sure you won’t have an allergic reaction.

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Lorinska with just a natural fake tan while pregnant


We’ve found that many women are happy to have spray tans during pregnancy. However, we always recommend seeking permission from your doctor first, especially before being sprayed in your first trimester.
Whilst DHA is safe to use on the skin, some doctors are concerned that during a spray tan when pregnant, you might accidentally inhale the DHA or chemicals. The effects of this are as yet unknown. 
With pregnant women, we take every precaution against this by avoiding the face area and asking you to cover your eyes and mouth. Wearing a mask is also an effective way to prevent any inhalation.
Unlike other brands, we’re very open about the organic and naturally derived ingredients in our signature spray tan. With this in mind, it’s easy for you to seek medical advice about what’s in our formula and we’d recommend you do so if you have any concerns at all.




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A spray tan or fake tan while you're pregnant can make you feel great


  • When you’re pregnant, your sense of smell can become heightened. It’s best to check the subtle scent of our tan before you use it just in case you could feel overwhelmed.
  • As pregnancy can dry out your skin, moisturising after you’ve tanned is even more important to keep it looking fresh.
  • Remember, fake tan is no substitute for SPF, so you’ll still need to apply your sunscreen liberally.
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