How to tan your feet, hands and elbows

How to tan your feet, hands and elbows

The difference between a good and bad tan? How you apply the bronze to your skin. Here are our secrets to getting a flawless finish on those tricky (and notoriously dry) places, like your hands, feet and elbows:
Spritz with Tan Mist
As light as it is versatile, our Tan Mist is perfect for leaving an even glow on those hard to reach places with only a few spritzes needed. Organic Rose Water, calming Aloe Vera and native Kakadu Plum lift the skin’s look and feel with a long-lasting subtle boost of bronze that instantly hydrates dry patches and evenly suits the rest of your body. The gentle spray also effortlessly tops up colour that is regularly lost on the back of your hands and feet from showering and washing. 

Restore hydration with moisturiser 
The golden rule has always been to moisturise AFTER tanning and while that is 100% true, restoring hydration with a light cream to dry areas before bronzing will ensure an even application of bronze. It’s important not to use an oil-infused moisturiser as that can create a barrier over the skin which means the effectiveness of your tan will be jeopardised. The areas that lose the most moisture throughout the day are knees, feet, hands and elbows so ensuring this area is plump from adequate hydration via a gentle and nourishing cream will reduce the chances of colour build up post-tan.

Use residue tan
After applying your bronze with our Application Glove there of course is leftover colour, so use this small amount to lightly brush over the back of hands and feet. Not only does this help with wastage but it’s also a very safe way to ensure that the gentle touch-up of colour is subtle and light as the majority of the colour has already been applied. Again, colour build-up is what you’re trying to avoid with these areas as dry patches of skin will cling onto whatever moisture they can get, so using very little leftover tan will ensure an even glow that is similar to the rest of your body.

A Kabuki brush is your secret weapon
Short and round in nature, the domed shape of the Kabuki Brush is the perfect tool for buffing tan to ensure there isn’t colour build up over the knees, hands, feet and elbows. The secret to using this brush as the professionals do is to polish the areas in a circular motion so the colour isn’t localised in one area. Not only is this little brush perfect for bronzing, but also comes in handy with make-up application too so is a staple in our cosmetics bag and can be found at any pharmacy, supermarket beauty aisle or make-up store.

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