How to tan at home: the ultimate expert guide

How to tan at home: the ultimate expert guide

There are a few skills it's good to master in life. How to cook a really good spaghetti sauce. How to tackle your taxes without collapsing into a miserable heap. And how to give yourself a sunkissed, natural-looking tan without any of the sun damage.

Well, it's a good thing we're here to help ;)

We've got your whole week's routine sorted so you can prep, tan and repeat all year round.

We'll cover:

  • How to prepare for your tan
  • How to apply your tan
  • How to make your tan last longer
The ultimate guide to fake tanning yourself



Wednesday is prep day.

STEP 1: Reverse

Before you play, hit reverse to remove stubborn old tan ⏪

For a non-patchy, natural as heck tan, you've got to start with clean, fresh skin.

The best way to say bye to tan remnants?

Our Reverser

Simply smooth onto skin, leave for 5 minutes then wipe any tan away.

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Spray Aus tan reverser helps fake tan apply smoothly

STEP 2: Exfoliate

Get your mitt out to exfoliate any extra stubborn areas of tan. 

(Elbows and knees, we're looking at you).

Our double-sided exfoliating mitt has dual options for either gentle or vigorous buffing.

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STEP 3: Wax / Shave

If no body hair is your preference, don't wait 'til the day of your tan to get rid!

Remove any unwanted hair at least a day before your tan to give your pores time to close.

This minimises likelihood of trapped tan which may appear dotty on your skin.

The ultimate tip to apply fake tan is to remove tan first


STEP 4: Moisturise

Repeat after us: dry👏 skin👏 patchy👏 tan.

Treat your skin with a creamy, hydrating moisturiser daily in the run up to your tan.

Not only will you look extra radiant (win). Your tan will look extra natural as a result.

Cruelty-free tan made with natural Australian ingredients


Friday is apply day.

STEP 1: Clean your tan mitt

For a silky smooth tan application, clean any old tan residue off your mitt.

Hand wash your mitt with a touch of gentle soap and warm water. 

Gently wring it out, reshape it and allow to dry before tanning.

STEP 2: Wear dark, loose clothing

We're pretty proud that our tan doesn't mess up your sheets.

The only time when the colour might transfer is while you're marinating before you shower.

So make sure you're wearing something dark and loose.

Like our Boyfriend Tee - the perfect oversized piece to pull on and chill out in.

Super-soft cotton and ideal mid-thigh length, it's also the ultimate chill / hangover / cleaning / at home tee.

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Our oversized boyfriend tshirt is perfect to wear while tanning

STEP 3: Moisturise dry spots

An hour or so before you tan, pop some moisturiser on your knees, elbows, ankles and hands.

These are the trickiest spots to bronze smoothly, so moisturiser will help stop the tan grabbing in any dry patches.

STEP 4: Go gentle on your face

You might feel nervous to tan your faces, but don't stress - we got you.

We'd either recommend only using what's left on your mitt once you've done your bod.

Or our preference is Face Mist, a gradual tan crafted with non-pore-blocking hydrating ingredients.

As your face tends to be the first place where tan fades, Face Mist is perfect for a fuss-free top-up too.

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STEP 5: Watch out for water

The longer you wait for your shower, the more time your tan has to develop and the deeper the colour will be.

With Deep Dark, you can hop in the shower after just one hour for a medium bronze (then it'll keep developing overnight after that).

While your tan develops, try to avoid any streaks by steering clear of splashes of water (or rain) until your shower.

We left our Original Mousse on for 4 hours below.

A Before and After of Spray Aus fake tan

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Here's what to do on a Monday.

The weekend's over. You're looking insane. Now here are some quick tips to make your chic-as-anything tan last longer. 

STEP 1: Hydrate

We've said it before, but we'll say it again.

Moisturised skin means a long-lasting tan.

Give parched skin a bit of TLC to keep that tan glowing.

STEP 2: Keep your cool

And don't forget - a quick spritz of Tan Mist every few days will keep your face flawless too.

Super hot showers have a tendency to dry out your skin.

Either turn the temp down a notch or apply a body oil before to protect your skin.

Too much sweating may also make your tan fade a bit faster.

(If you needed an excuse to skip the gym, you just found it.)

STEP 3: Cheat with a gradual tan

Our Tan Extender is an absolute weapon.

This gem keeps tans perfect for up to 2 weeks.

It's a nourishing moisturiser (natch) with just a hint of our signature Spray Aus bronze.

If you love a healthy glow but can't always apply weekly, this is your holy grail.

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Moisturise your skin and make your tan last longer with Spray Aus


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