Can you bronze while pregnant?

Can you bronze while pregnant?

If you’re wanting to add something a little more golden to your pregnancy glow, then we’re letting you in on everything you need to know when it comes to bronzing before bub.


Bronzing from a bottle will always be the safest and healthiest way to get a tan. Pregnant or not, we never recommend UV exposure as a means for tanning. 
Your bronze is achieved from DHA, an active ingredient that only reacts to, and stays on the top layer of your skin, meaning it doesn’t enter your bloodstream and therefore is completely safe to use.


If this is your first time tanning during your pregnancy, we recommend you do a patch test on your skin 24 hours before you’re planning to do a full-body bronze, even if you use Spray Aus regularly. This is because your skin can become sensitive during this time, so it’s important to make sure that your hormonal changes don’t cause irritations. 


Not only is our business made up of mums but our client base is too, so it was important that we developed a product that could be used universally. Our formula is created using organic plant and fruit oils to ensure a bronze that is natural, gentle and kind to your skin. Both our studio and at-home tanning range is as nourishing as it is hydrating so our mummas-to-be will always look beautifully sunkissed and glowy.


While tanning is completely safe during pregnancy, clients are more than welcome to wear a mask during their appointment to prevent any unwanted inhalation. 


Your sense of smell can become heightened during pregnancy, so again, even if you use Spray Aus regularly, we recommend checking the subtle scent of our tan before applying it. While always important, moisturising becomes even more so during this time as your skin can be particularly dry. So remember to hydrate it using your favourite cream every morning and night. Finally, fake tan is no substitute for SPF so you’ll still need to apply your sunscreen liberally post-application.


As always, we recommend you talk to your doctor prior to tanning if you have any concerns.
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