Founded in 2014 by lovers of bronze, Emily McKay and Ellie Pearson, Spray Aus was sparked from the duo’s shared belief that life’s just better with colour..365 days of the year.

For these health conscious Melbournians, a tan minus the sun was the answer. A streaky, orange finish which drys out your skin – not the answer. It wasn’t long before the girls took their tans into their own hands. They deliberated over different colours, textures and formulas, determined to find the perfect solution. Their vision; to develop a luxurious mist, that would not only dry quickly and evenly on the skin, but smelt sensational and combined their love for natural ingredients.

What they bottled up? A tan natural enough to wear at the beach, and luminescent enough to accompany the likes of Bec Judd, Nadia Bartel and Zoe Foster-Blake to red carpet events.

Twelve months later, in response to demand for the Spray Aus bronze beyond just special occasions, the girls launched their home tanning range… “We don’t leave the house without the perfect tan, so why should anyone else?!”. Monday to Sunday – not without my tan.