Life’s just better with colour. Learn about our world in a 3 hour tanning masterclass, run by Co-Founders, El and Em.

Class begins with a comprehensive theory session, covering the principles of tanning and the Spray Aus brand. We discuss step-by-step tanning, the many different skin types, client consultations, and FAQs. All of this is detailed in your take-home copy of the Spray Aus Tanning Manual.

The second half of the program is all tans on deck. We show you the practical side of tanning, with a demonstration of how best to apply a beautiful bronze. Then it’s your turn to practice perfecting the Spray Aus application, earning a certificate on successful completion.

We offer ongoing student discounts for equipment and our professional solution upon completion of the course.

Secure your place for $295. Class is held at our Moonee Ponds studio. To view upcoming dates, availability or to book, follow the link below. We’d love to tan with you.

For all private and interstate enquiries please email your interest to


In the lead up to your tan get those exfoliators out, preferably 3 days before your appointment. Most importantly on the night before or morning of your tan, exfoliate and remove unwanted hair. To achieve the smoothest, most luminous bronze, ensure your skin is free from makeup, moisturiser, unwanted hair, deodorant and perfume. Don’t bring your new outfit to wear home from the studio – loose, dark clothes are best.

We suggest tanning 1-2 days before your event, so Thursday or Friday would be best. For weddings, 2 days before will give you a more natural look. Heading off on holiday? The night before is best. However, this is just a rough guideline, and we can always tailor our tan application to work with your schedule.

As our solution is rapid drying, you can shower as soon as 1.5 hours after your tan, or leave on the skin for up to 8 hours. We always tailor our application to work with your plans, to ensure you achieve your desired colour.

As bronzer is used in our product for colour to appear instantaneously, you may experience some rub off. If your clothes do stain, no stress, it should come out in the wash or at the dry cleaner.

Yes! You’ll have to SPF off those harmful UV rays, as natural tanning doesn’t offer any sun protection. Be sun-smart when you’re out and about, and try to wear a moisturising sunscreen lotion wherever possible.

Testing indicates that the DHA does not penetrate the skin, nor enter the bloodstream, therefore it appears safe to spray you. However, as a precaution, we suggest you seek permission from a doctor, prior to being sprayed in the first trimester.

No. Both our Professional and Self-tan products are fragrance free. We prefer to infuse our products with intense hydration and nourishment, from the combination of rich-fruits, plants, oils and extracts; infused with Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Kakadu Plum.

We recommend wearing our Boyfriend Tee post tan. Alternatively loose loose dark clothing is preferred.

Unfortunately, yes! As swimming enhances exfoliation, and chlorinated water makes the skin lighter, it may cause your tan to fade more quickly than normal. Avoid the fade by taking shorter dips and always using a water-resistant sunscreen, which can act as a barrier between your beautiful bronze and the water.

You can wear your bathers, underwear, g-string or go completely naked – whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

Within three minutes, you’re tanned, dry, and ready to get dressed!

Yes, we can at your request!

You should expect your tan to stay beautiful for 7-10 days. It’ll fade away gradually with the passing of skin cells. To prolong your tan, we recommend using our Tan Extender which can boost your bronze for up to 2 weeks, while soothing and deeply nourishing your skin.

You should always speak with a doctor or a dermatologist before being tanned. If given approval, we’ll test a small area of your skin first, to make sure there aren’t any adverse reactions. As our solution is all-natural, it doesn’t normally irritate the skin. Our combination of rich natural fruits, plants, oils and extracts, soothe, strengthen and promote healthy skin.

Common skin conditions are – Eczema, Rosacea, Vitiligo, Psoriasis.

If you’re an experienced tanner on average 20 tans per 1L bottle.

For beginners on average 15 tans per 1L bottle. When starting out we tend to over spray until we perfect our technique.

We use around 40ml per tan.